• 2, April , 2019

    How to save your Open Plan Office with HushHubs!!

    While the open-layout floor plan has become a go-to trend both locally and nationally, many skeptics question whether this style of design is the most beneficial for long-term organizational growth. With the potential for distractions and a significant lack of privacy, many believe that the cons outweigh the pros.


    This shift to an open-plan office came in response to the changing views of the traditional business model, as companies are now placing more value on employee engagement and team synergy in efforts to improve workplace productivity.

    Supporters of the open-layout office claim that with no dividing panels or separated rooms, communication barrier and hierarchical barriers are broken down and the remaining workspace is an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages teamwork and inspires creativity among employees.

    But lot of companies are now regretting there Open Plan office ideas but don’t want to completely redo their office.


    Before we give you the solution to this issue we have listed the top reasons why open plan offices may not work for your business.




    High noise levels can disrupt workflow and concentration


    The most convincing argument against the open-plan office is that it increases the potential for interruptions that can interfere with daily work. It can be difficult for team members to focus when a group of 30 other coworkers are talking near them, especially when the conversations aren’t about work.


    Instead of talking about the upcoming work meeting, for example, employees might be tempted to discuss the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” negatively impacting productivity for themselves and everyone around them. Research has backed up this concern: In 2011, organizational psychologists with the University of Leeds reviewed over 100 studies on office settings and discovered that open office layouts increase disruptions, lower concentration and can even demotivate the entire workforce.







    Privacy is compromised 


    Another downside to the open-layout floor plan is the lack of privacy for team members. Since employees often share space at a large table with groups of coworkers, they generally won’t have a private office, a personal desk or even dividing partitions to shield them from the eyes of colleagues.

    This makes it difficult to have personal conversations or a brief moment of solitude.





    Stress-inducing environment


    While a benefit of an open office layout is the ability to accommodate company growth by fitting more people, its associated con is that too many people can be packed into one area, resulting in an overcrowded workspace.

    For introverted team members or for those who have just joined the company and don’t yet feel part of the group, this crowd can be overwhelming. Employees can also feel as if supervisors are constantly looking over their shoulders and judging their work, which can lead to higher amounts of pressure and stress.




    Our Solution!!


    Acoustic Pods – The Next Generation


    They are designed with the biophilic idea of a return to the natural world as its basis: using high quality wood, glass, fabrics, laminates and paints to create a multi-purpose space where people can gather and communicate, teach and learn, think and concentrate. They highlight a return to basics, providing light, space and privacy.




    Hushhubs are a range of timber framed acoustic meeting rooms or hubs, plus ancillary acoustic products, for use in open plan offices and other places which need private space within a larger area. The beauty of the Hushhub and the different hub sizes available is that they can be adapted and customised to fit your any office requirements, creating multiple working zones in one place. Improved acoustics in the workplace environment also leads to improved productivity and employee well-being.





    Hushhubs stand out from the crowd because they are inspired by the natural world around us. More than just an acoustic pod, Hushhubs take office design and noise reduction within offices to the next level. Acoustic office meeting rooms don’t get better any than this!



    Photos are linked to our website and you can call us on 021 4277841 to discuss how we can help with fitting out your office or leave a comment below.

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