• 2, April , 2019

    How to save your Open Plan Office with HushHubs!!

    While the open-layout floor plan has become a go-to trend both locally and nationally, many skeptics question whether this style of design is the most beneficial for long-term organizational growth. With the potential for distractions and a significant lack of privacy, many believe that the cons outweigh the pros.   This shift to an open-plan […]

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  • 21, March , 2019

    5 Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing The Workplace!!

    The office of 2019 is changing from what used to happen. The way people work today is evolving, and there are opportunities for more effective and efficient workplaces. If you are keen to enjoy a more productive workplace, here are five innovative ways companies are changing the workplace.   Hot desking   There is a […]

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  • 7, March , 2019

    How to Choose the Right Storage Furniture for Your Office!

    While choosing the right desk can provide some storage furniture solutions for the office items that you engage with on a daily basis, many times there is a need for additional storage space, in the home and corporate offices alike. Many times, you can find storage solutions that pair with your desk design, for a […]

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