• 4, February , 2019

    Top 5 Things Needed to Design a Waiting Room

    Are you looking to design your waiting room? Before you begin your search, we’ve highlighted the top five things needed to create an inviting and relaxing space for your guests.



    Choosing a Color Scheme


    When designing your waiting room, the first place you should start (after measurements of course) is with the color scheme.

    This is what you’ll use to choose the color of your walls, your artwork, down to your seating fabric choices.

    When selecting colors choices, try to stick with calming and relaxing colors like light blues, greens, grays and pinks versus bright and bold colors like yellow, black and red.







    Seating is a requirement for any waiting room or reception area. There are many options available like beam seating, lounge chairs, armless chairs, and tablet arm chairs.

    Mixing and matching chairs is encouraged and with our selection of reception seating, you have plenty of options to inspire your next design.







    Lighting for your waiting room is an important to consider when designing your waiting room.

    Brightly lite waiting rooms are uncomfortable and do not provide a relaxing experience.

    Lamps and other sources of alternative lighting options give you the ability to provide additional light sources for your guests without overpowering the room with one bright light source that your guest cannot control.






    Adding artwork to your waiting room adds a visually interesting and relaxing element to your space.

    Abstract paintings to nature related pieces can add life to any room.






    Reading Material/Music


    Having a waiting room without reading material or light music is a missed opportunity to provide a better experience for your office guests.

    Magazines and newspapers provide a distraction for your guest to move their attention to while they wait, while music can provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere, reducing the perceived wait time.

    When selecting music choices, consider choosing slow and stable tempo music over music with a lot of percussive and accented rhythms.





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