• 2, January , 2019

    Ways to Improve Your Office Space for the New Year!!

    Getting back into the spirit of things at work after the holidays can be a drag, but it really doesn’t have to be.


    Instead of spending your first couple of days back in the office complaining amongst co-workers, why not take the time to get your work space organized and prepare yourselves for the year you all have ahead of you?

    Here is how you can do so:


    Lighten your load


    Whether you have an assigned desk or you’re a mobile worker, take the beginning of the year to clean out the clutter.

    Papers from three months ago and stale snacks that live in your desk or your bag should all be discarded. After purging your work space, you’ll feel as if you’ve lost 10 pounds without ever hitting the gym.

    This is also a great time to commit to going digital with your files.

    Create a new system for notes, to-do lists and documents that reduces the amount of paper you have to keep.


    If you have to use paper make sure your office has a reliable shredder(below is a recommended option)




    Add some personal touches



    You spend at least one-third of your life working, so make your desk / work space feel like it’s your own.

    Decorating your desk can improve your mood, increase your productivity and lower stress. Add some photos of family members, a plant or some nice artwork that you enjoy.

    General office supplies can feel a little boring, why not spend a little money buying yourself some supplies that make your desk more appealing to you.


    Add your own personal style and it will make you feel more at ease and comfortable while working.





    Get some new equipment



    Many offices don’t get refurbished very often—but it’s new year, new office, right? There really is nothing better than kick-starting the new year with some brand-new office equipment ready for you to dive into.

    Put in a business case for some new office furniture, a new printer(below is our preference) – or just a well-supplied cupboard of replacement ink and toner.


    If this isn’t possible, just some new stationery can brighten up everyone’s mood.





    Introduce company branding



    Introducing your company branding to the office design is a great way for you to establish the value of your business.


    Check that your branding reflects the nature of your business before you start splashing it all over the walls, because the start of a new year is a great time for you to take a big look at the visual identity of your business as a whole and see if improvements need to be made.

    Once this has been done, get your logo and branding up onto the walls.



    As you head into 2019, use these tips to improve your office and enjoy an overall better working space for you and fellow colleagues and employees.


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