• 23, July , 2018

    Office Furniture Buying Mistakes That’ll Cost You Big

    While picking out furniture for your office seems like a relatively easy task, in reality, it’s about much more than just looks and comfort. There are a number of factors that have to be considered in order to get the best value for your buck. By avoiding these five common furniture buying mistakes, you’ll ensure […]

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  • 3, April , 2018

    The Orb at Republic of Work

    The Republic of Work is a new home for businesses in the heart of Cork City. 15,500 sq ft of pure innovation for businesses of all sizes, where ‘Innovation meets tradition’.  So where better to showcase Senator’s revolutionary desking solution, the Orb.  The desk that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops. […]

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  • 26, February , 2018

    New Ergonomic Seat – Mickey

      Mickey meets the requirements of today’s modern jobs and is perfectly in line with the concept of the Activity-Based Workplace.   The Mickey is highly ergonomic and can be used for active desk work, both seated and standing. It also follows the position flawlessly with a built-in 10 degree tilt to either side. These changes of position during work provide active […]

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