• 12, September , 2018

    Is it time for a new Office Shredder??

    You’ve been putting off that paper shredder purchase for a while now, even though the one you have might be jamming, noisy, or filling up just too fast. Here are few reasons to consider upgrading your current shredder!!           Current Paper Shredder Needs to Cool Down Too Often   When you’re […]

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  • 13, July , 2018

    Saving the Planet in the Office!!

    Our whole lives we’ve heard, “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Use less paper, buy reusable grocery bags, and recycle plastic bottles. Those are obvious, well-known ways to help our planet, but what are other ways to keep our life-long home safe and clean, especially in the workplace.     Power Saver: This one sounds pretty obvious. Put […]

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  • 7, June , 2018

    Keeping Cool in the Office!!

    When it’s too hot and humid, it’s easy to lose focus and become sluggish or irritable which can make work very challenging. In worst case scenarios, people can become ill or worse. So keep cool by being proactive about taking care of yourself amidst the hotter weather. The obvious answer to keeping cool indoors in […]

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