• 7, May , 2020

    Making Your Office Safe to Return to After Coronavirus!

    Maintaining distance, cleaning surfaces, creating physical barriers, and other practices in the workplace can help mitigate risk and keep your staff safe Businesses are beginning to consider returning to work. For business owners, the challenge will be to mitigate risk as much as possible, with practices and policies that put employee safety first. There are common […]

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  • 17, April , 2020

    Protective Plexiglass Screens!

    Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe! ANTI- BACTERIAL PLEXIGLASS COUNTER SCREEN! This is a transparent anti-bacterial screen to place on a counter or desk. The protective wall is efficient against airborn droplets, limiting germs and microbes that we are seeing with the COVID-19 virus. The protective screen has a lower slot opening allowing documents to […]

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  • 18, March , 2020

    What you need to set up an Efficient Home Office!!

    When you begin to set up your home office, one of two things tend to happen. Either you are unable to easily identify what equipment and technology you use every day so you underestimate what you will need to get your office up and running, and quickly find yourself struggling. You clearly see each individual item you […]

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