• 18, March , 2020

    What you need to set up an Efficient Home Office!!

    When you begin to set up your home office, one of two things tend to happen. Either you are unable to easily identify what equipment and technology you use every day so you underestimate what you will need to get your office up and running, and quickly find yourself struggling. You clearly see each individual item you […]

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  • 27, February , 2020

    Which Office Photocopiers/Printers Suit Small Businesses the Best?

    Photocopiers are an essential part of any business both big and small. Being able to scan reports and documents in large quantities can be vital for meetings and updating staff with necessary information. When it comes to smaller businesses, however, there are certain criteria and factors that need to be considered as opposed to larger […]

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  • 19, February , 2020

    Office Ergonomics Tips To Improve Workplace Wellness

    Modern technology has radically changed the way we physically work. And, while it has made office work easier, it has also made it much more repetitive. This has created unprecedented ergonomics challenges, which in turn have increased the rate of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). In fact, recent studies by the HSE show that over one million of […]

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