• 23, May , 2018

    Is your business secure? GDPR Ready!

    Information security is now more vital to the survival and success of businesses than it’s ever been before.  There are various factors contributing to this new urgency: Cyber security is the biggest threat to the survival and success of modern businesses. Companies of all sizes are at risk of falling victim to disruptive attacks such […]

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  • 10, May , 2018

    Tips On Organizing Your File Cabinets!!

    Organization. That twelve letter word you either love or hate. The good news is, you’re here to make changes, so kudos to you! Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what that means with your filing cabinet. Below are four ways to get your filing cabinets in working order.   Color code If […]

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  • 16, April , 2018

    What causes a Paper Jam?

                           Paper jams are the most common frustration when it comes to shredding. When a jam occurs, it is usually due to overfeeding, mis-feeding or fast feeding paper into the shredder. By being aware of these common shredding mistakes, along with having a shredder with […]

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