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Barcode & OCR Font Package (for SAP R/3)

To optimise logistics, production and financial management in a SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment, the barcode & OCR package for SAP R/3 enables Aficio™ devices to print documents with barcodes and OCR fonts. Ricoh’s barcode and OCR package for SAP R/3 is a true cost saver.

This package allows users to improve the documentation workflow with barcodes and OCR fonts. Postage, packaging, manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain management are just a few important barcode applications.

The Ricoh barcode and OCR package is available as a DIMM-type solution or as hard-disk based product. The package also includes a broad range of barcodes and OCR fonts, guaranteeing the most complete barcode and OCR solution available.

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