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Equitrac Office

In today’s competitive business environment, it is more important than ever that your organisation manages document output on your office equipment devices. When left unmanaged, operational costs can significantly increase due to the proliferation of networked devices and spiralling output costs.  In cooperation with leading software provider Equitrac, Ricoh offers Equitrac Office™. Designed to monitor, measure and manage network wide document output, this easy to use modular solution tracks copy and print activities in a detailed manner.  You can easily and accurately allocate costs to specific individuals, departments or groups. Equitrac Office™: simply the ideal tool to better understand office equipment usage and manage document output costs.

Features and benefits

  • Direct output to the most efficient device
  • Accurately allocate output costs
  • Eliminate unauthorised printing and copying
  • Protect document confidentiality
  • Enforce quotas on colour output
  • Obtain insight into usage patterns
  • Increase device efficiency for the best return on investment
  • Reduce IT support requirements

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