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Intelligent Barcode & OCR package

By delivering full support for most common barcodes with built-in check digits and start/stop characters automatic insertion, the Intelligent Barcode & OCR Package optimises the return on investment in your multifunctional products and laser printers. This intelligent barcode solution enables the full use of the built-in printing capabilities of Ricoh MFPs and laser printers such as paper tray selection, double-sided printing, stapling and hole punching. As this Intelligent Barcode & OCR software installed inside your MFPs also support the industry standard 2D barcode PDF417, it allows you to improve your workflow, save valuable time and maximise efficiency.

This software based barcode solution is available in two modes, offering you the opportunity to try the package before buying a license for each supported model. With the included software tool ‘Config Tool’, you can install and manage all licensed MFPs and laser printers remotely, from one central workstation. In short: this package guarantees the most complete barcode and OCR solution available.


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