• 27, February , 2020

    Which Office Photocopiers/Printers Suit Small Businesses the Best?

    Photocopiers are an essential part of any business both big and small. Being able to scan reports and documents in large quantities can be vital for meetings and updating staff with necessary information.

    When it comes to smaller businesses, however, there are certain criteria and factors that need to be considered as opposed to larger companies. Below are some factors worth taking note of when deciding on the right photocopier.


    Smaller businesses will clearly have a smaller budget. They do not want to spend the majority of their expenditure on an electrical device so finding cheap options that do not wave on the quality is important. By doing some simple research, comparing different suppliers’ prices and photocopiers, a cost effective solution can be found.

    RICOH Photocopier


    The number of pages per minute a photocopier can produce is a huge factor for businesses. In relation to small companies the amount may be smaller so it is always worth calculating the amount of pages you expect to go through and the minimum required. This can save you money and space if you decide you don’t need huge page turnover. This does not mean disregarding the technology altogether; you may need multifunctional photocopiers that offer other services like scanning and network capabilities so weigh up all your options before deciding.


    Photocopiers can be rather large so when it comes to a smaller business this can be a bit of a dilemma. Space is not widely available so choosing where to put it can be a difficult task. Luckily in today’s modern world of technological advancements there are more compact photocopiers on the market that are smaller in size but still do an excellent job.

    Brother Printer


    The last thing any company wants to do, but particularly a smaller one, is to pay extra money on maintenance and repairs because the photocopier has stopped working all of a sudden. This not only adds extra on to the expenditure accounts but also can stop work leading to loss in sales and productivity. Find a supplier who will offer you a long guarantee and cheap maintenance service with your purchase.

    HP LaserJet


    Just because you are a small business does not mean you have to neglect quality in terms of photocopying standards. You should still look for the photocopiers that produce smooth paper with no errors or lines and that perform in fast speeds. You may also want to consider the environmental friendliness of the device ensuring that it does not produce high volumes of pollution which can be harmful for both health and reputation.

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