• 21, March , 2019

    5 Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing The Workplace!!

    The office of 2019 is changing from what used to happen. The way people work today is evolving, and there are opportunities for more effective and efficient workplaces.

    If you are keen to enjoy a more productive workplace, here are five innovative ways companies are changing the workplace.


    Hot desking


    There is a lot to be said for hot desking, particularly in offices where there are shift employees. When employees work at the same desk every day, they can become ingrained with their neighbours. By allowing hot desking, your colleagues can work with different people and get to know other areas of your business.

    A company that has a unified workforce or which makes everyone feel equal will often find that employees are motivated and feel part of an active unit.

    Companies need to take any advantage they can in the modern climate, and hot desking transforms how people engage and interact with each other.



    Overlap zones


    Overlap zones is a slightly similar option, but it works differently. Each team will have their seat or at least work in their department as usual, but with an overlap zone, there is an opportunity for different groups to congregate.


    Many companies need different departments to work together so having an area where everyone is neutral can change the mindset. Rather than having one firm taking the lead or hosting the other, an overlap zone allows everyone to feel equal, and this can improve the output when different departments work together.



    Remote working


    One of the most significant changes in the modern workplace is that many people will no longer work in an office. There is a shift towards remote operation, allowing employees to work from home, saving time and energy daily.

    There will be a need to have a central hub where employees should come in and assemble or hold face to face meetings, but there isn’t a need for employees to be at a central desk every single day. By allowing employees to work from home, firms will improve morale, engagement and hopefully output.


    Of course, if employees are going to work from home, there need to be a few changes. The security of home-working is paramount, and workers should work comfortably. Employees need to upgrade their home office equipment and furniture. Ronnie Moore’s is a great place to look for home office furniture, we help employees to be at their best when they work at home.



    No-work zone


    Sometimes employees need to take a break. By setting up a no-work area, there is an opportunity for employees to relax and refresh. There is often a need to recharge your batteries and have a separate place to step away from work allows people to come back more enthused for what they need to do.



    Add more greenery


    The mood and atmosphere of a working environment are crucial, and adding some greenery can make a massive difference in how employees feel. If you’re looking to make people feel at ease, add more greenery and let people feel invigorated.

    The workplace is changing rapidly, and there will be many changes in the modern workplace.



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